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Incentive journeys take the concept of travel's ”trophy value” one step further by creating life-changing memories

Group incentive travel offers many advantages:
  • It is predicable, you know exactly when your group will be out of the office, and for how long
  • You have control over the experience – you can reinforce your company brand and message
  • With all your winners in one place company meetings and seminars are easily arranged
  • Group travel experiences can build great camaraderie between team members and between participants and senior management as well
  • Group travel programs can be very cost effective as many participants are sharing the organization and management expenses.
Examples of group programs:
  • Your 20 top sales performers go i.e. on a Lapland Husky Safari. 
  • Your top 10 product reps go to a Arabian Nights to Dubai and stay a few nights in one of the most exclusive Desert Camps in the world. 
  • Your 16 best performers go to Thailand and Bali to enjoy a five star resort and participate in a variety of adventures, ranging form hiking to bicycle touring and river rafting